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What we do

We provide advice and assistance within core corporate and commercial law – simple as that.

Some of the areas we cover are
(and yes, for the avoidance of doubt and all of that, if what you are looking for is not mentioned below, feel free to contact us anyway and we’ll find a solution to fit your needs).

Mergers & Acquisitions

Not only do we love closing deals, we also love to inter alia (yeah, we know legalese words of course) initiate, create and negotiate them. Therefore, we are dedicated to creating a seamless service where we advise our clients throughout the entire M&A process – we prepare, plan and execute.


We are a startup and always will be, i.e. no matter how long we’ve been around we will always consider ourselves in the startup phase and act accordingly – consequently, we also do everything startup (when it comes to legal advice…), and we do it well.

Corporate Matters

Corporate is what we do, whether it is to assist in incorporating companies, conduct shareholders’ or board meetings or just redraft articles – we’re with you all the way.

Commercial Agreements

We believe that effective, enforceable and tailored contractual arrangements is a corner stone in any business. Consequently, we draft, negotiate and execute = we take care of everything, so that you don’t have to.


As boring as it might sound - Financing is vital for any business. Whether it’s seed capital, venture capital, private equity, loans, shareholder contributions or other financing methods – we’ll mastermind it for you.

Corporate Governance

Having a well-governed and well-structured company creates conditions for success - trust us, we know. We therefore provide strategic advice on corporate structures and practical implementation on said structures.
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Within all areas that we do not practice we have engaged expert of-counsels which entails that we can project manage basically all types of matters and see to it that our clients are provided with expert advice – regardless of whether it comes from us or our external partners.

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Meet the Team

Here are the people that will make it happen
for you on a daily basis.

Niklas Bergman

Founding Partner & Notary Public
+46 (0)8 408 90 001
+46 (0)70 863 13 03

Dennis Lundquist

Managing Director & Partner
+46 (0)8 408 90 007
+46 (0)70 481 52 90

Isabelle Hallin

Junior Partner
+46 (0)8 408 90 008
+46 (0)70 810 30 33

Fred Bergström

+46 (0)70 432 84 33
+46 (0)8 408 90 002

Caroline Elbra

+46 (0)76 252 69 30
+46 (0)8 408 90 003

Agneta Bergman

Office Manager
+46 (0)8 408 90 006
+46 (0)70 842 06 50


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QAP Notary

Niklas Bergman is an appointed Notary Public and therefore
we can assist our clients in notarization and legalization of documents, issuing apostilles and more (boring and old school we know, but in some cases very very necessary).
For more information on pricing and how to get assistance,
contact us as and we’ll get you sorted out.

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